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Rank First in Google - 4 ways blogging will help boost SEO.

Like others you might be wondering how to make your website appear on the first page of google drive traffic to you websites. Blogging is one sure way to get guaranteed seo results but when the issue of blogging comes to mind people cower away. Maybe its due to laziness or past bad experiences with blogging. Either way,

4 ways blogging helps your business:

  1. It drives organic traffic to your website
  2. It boosts your SEO and SERP
  3. It makes your business an authority on topics
  4. It engages your current and prospective customers


It drives organic traffic to your website

Your blog is a way for your business to create content which is beneficial to clients. Creating valuable content is one way that your readership will grow and get free organic traffic.

The more interesting and insightful an article is the more likely it will be shared online. These organic sharing actions lead to more readers who in turn are more likely to become your customers. Even if they do not convert they still help you with you organic search result as it increases your traffic to inner pages of your website.

Using your blog you can keep visitors engaged by posting internal links to other posts that you think uses might need. In addition, having a elated posts section after the article I known to have great effects in terms of keeping uses on the site.


It boosts your SEO and SERP

The biggest ranking factor for google is and has always been content. The more fresh and useful content you create the more reward you get from google.

If you keep in mind keywords while creating content and do search word optimization, you are more likely to boost your rankings. Create content about your services and products but branch them off into articles describing why certain services are needed over others. Or how users can benefit from certain products and why they should stay away from others. Creating such content not only allows you a place to add your keywords and rank for them. But it also allows you to create valuable content you users will enjoy. Just make sure to always use best seo practices and nothing that will hard you site. One key way to gain momentum is bing search optimization it helps drive traffic when there is lots of competition on google.

The idea is to become a resource for people so when they think of your category of business users think of you and not your competition.

It makes your business an authority on topics

The idea here is to use your blog posts to create articles that are free resources for people. They help them with their problems but don’t give away too much. These become the value points fo visitors and they increase your business brand recognition with people.

For example, if you are in the business of SEO you might have heard of MOZ, they create content daily on SEO factors, tips and tricks and how to better your website rankings. This allows them to become an industry leader and makes people trust them about the topics they write on. So now when MOZ comes out with a new SEO service the readers jump on right away to buy it.

Because if the free content was so good imagine how the good the paid content must be. It is this simple ideology that allows us website owners to help as well as earn using blogs.

It engages your current and prospective customers

This is a great way to build a relationship with the people who buy one of your products and those who just come visit you. Because they are not being sold on anything they are relaxed and more open to new opportunities. Here if you start off with a great relationship you are sure to great a loyal customer out of you reader.

Most blogs ask for an email to keep users up to date on the latest updates and tips form the blog. These opt-ins allow you to keep your users in mind in your next marketing send out. In addition, all comments and concerns of the readers can easily be addressed though the blog comments. Unlike other platforms where it is hard to reach out to a business. A blog allows users to interact right away if they have any questions.

As your website grows and gets more traction your interactions will also grow. These comments will become a source of community feedback and interaction between members and your business.

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