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SEO Basics - From The Best SEO Company San Antonio

What is SEO

SEO is an overarching term that encompasses the techniques and methods used by web masters to increase their rankings in Search results from engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization and has become the basis of organic traffic for websites across the web. There are of course many different implementations of SEO and techniques but for this article we will answer just the basics.

Most business owners use SEO for more visibility. They wish to see their website rank high than the competition and wish to be found easier by prospective clients.

What do we mean by rank higher? Take a look at the image below it is a basic search result for the term SEO Company San Antonio and usually the first few results are ads we have made an arrow to where they usually are. Below that we have the Google Maps top 3, which are businesses who have optimized their local SEO listing to rank for this keyword. These businesses get the bulk of the traffic that comes from the search results relating to an SEO Agency San Antonio.

SEO Company San Antonio

The goal of SEO is to bring businesses into that top 3 for local and into top `10 for the normal web listings. Using different methods and techniques webmasters are able to optimize their on page and off page details to rank better.

What is Optimization?

Think of this as preparing a meal. Many people can cook but not all can cook well. Similarly, many people have website but not all are optimized for their target keywords. Just like in cooking we have to select the right ingredients and follow a select recipe it’s the same case with on page optimization. We follow a road map of guidelines and make sure the page complies with these guidelines as we move forward. Some of the most common guidelines are associated with meta data and keywords which you will learn more about below. We have a complete post about SEO optimization which you can read to learn more in-depth techniques to rank your business in google.

What is Meta data?

Meta Data is the information that shows up associated with your website within the search results. The main two forms of data displayed are the Meta Title and Meta Description. Here is an example when we search best SEO San Antonio we find Yiblr. The first line is the title and below that is the description.

best SEO San Antonio

These two fields make a difference in your rankings so optimizing them correctly with your focus keywords results in higher search rankings.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are defining terms that not only define your content but they are used to find your target audience. If I am a user and I am looking for local SEO in San Antonio ( which is the keyword)  I will search that term in Google and the websites that come up in the results will have this keyword in their meta title, meta description and of course in their page content. Adding these keywords lets google know what your content is about. Of course, just by adding them does not mean you will rank and over using them will result in penalties. There is a fine line when it comes to keyword optimization and you can learn more about it here.

What are Back links?

Back links are links that direct you to content. They either come from content or direct to content so they are either in-bound links or outbound links. Think of them as referrals the better authority of the website referring them the more value the links will have to search engines. If the governor refers a nonprofit it holds more stature, then if a random guy on the street refers one. The case is the same for websites if you have authority and popularity and if you link to another website that referral is precious and helps boost that sites ranking. Obtaining high quality backlinks from authority websites in your niche is the most promising way to better your SEO.

At Yiblr we create a fully managed solution for your business.

We pride ourselves in changing American lives one business at a time. Our goal is to incease your sales and online web presence.
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