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SEO San Antonio - Rank First in Google SEO Guide

Let’s be real it's hard – and people think – it’s impossible to rank a new website in Google these days. This could not be far form the truth. What happens is that you drown in information and end up without a clear focus.. You find people that throw around words like SEO, on-page optimization and keyword stuffing without explaining anything. So, what do any of these mean? If you don’t know read up about them in our learn SEO article and If you already know, then how can you obtain the perfect road map and site optimization that will make your website rank? Let’s be clear about one thing you do need a road map.

It's a document you use like an outline that details how to optimize your website, what headlines you will use, your focus for the post or page, your supporting arguments, some images and a conclusion. Think of it as a college essay but just more readable and engaging. You have to make it fun for you readers AND give them value that's the whole idea!

Step #1 Discovering  The Anatomy of a Top-Ranking Post

What makes a post stand out so much to Google's little crawlers that make them want to push it to the top. You have to realize that every post of yours on your website will not be equal in terms of importance to you or to your readers. So not all articles are equal. But a well written article could get you thousands if not more visitors to your website organically, just by going viral through search engine placements. So, what makes a great article stand out? Here are the few website optimization techniques.

Elements that make a Viral Post

  1. An Engaging Headline 

Your headline is your first impression so make it count. It must grab your reader’s attention and make them want to know more about your topic. Be sure to choose a headline that could go viral. Here is an example instead of choosing search engine optimization San Antonio you could opt for a smaller headline. Shorter headlines are always a better choice as they gab readers attention and are focused. So a better alternative would be SEO agency San Antonio. To lean more about how to create negaging headlines that get amazing click through numbers and go viral check out our post on 10 SEO Perfect Headlines

  1. Attractive and Catchy Picture

These images do not have to be from your sacred trove of self-taken images. You do not have to wander the world with your camera trying to get the best shots that make your point. Simply head over to one of the royalty free online archives of amazing images to choose from. Find one that not only is related to your article but also attracts user attention. These images usually become your featured post images or show on up social media right before the article titles so make sure they relate to your article or page. Google has come up with a new way to determine whats inside your image and the content of your image also has factors which determines your SEO rank and image rank. We have a resource that discusses just how to choose the perfect image check it out its part of our digital marketing San Antonio category.

  1. An Introduction of your Topic

Let’s face it, it’s not an essay but here is another chance for you to tell your reader why they should stay for the rest of the article. We use the introduction to hook the reader in once again so do not be wordy, simple to the point is always great. You might wanna tell them what they are getting, or why your are the authority to give them this information. For example, an introduction on an SEO companies bio is not as engaging as a paragraph on best local SEO San Antonio. So be sure to stay in your focus and use your headlines and intros to your advantage.

  1. Lead In

This is not a place for you to start spamming your products or asking for emails. A lead in means transition phrase that leads in to your main points. If you are trying to make a list of points or details be sure to create a sentence that tells people what is coming up next. This way they aren’t startled to find a list and it doesn’t feel so out of place. If you do create a list be sure to create effective lists that rank in google. If you need more examples of the best Lead in's to use feel free to learn more about the Top 10 Lean in's

  1. Your Main Points and Argument 

Here is where the pudding is so make this part count. You can separate main points using headings or bullets but be sure to be concise and clear. You are writing this part for your audience not your search engine crawler. Make some good points so your audience gets engaged and is compelled to comment below the article. The are many ways to engage your readers so be sure to follow all the tips to get this part just right. If you are writing a post on SEO then start by promising the unimaginable such as how to get on the first page of google in 24 hours. If you notice that is something extremely attractive, especially if you tell them how to optimize for free but it also allows you to support your claim and how to procedure with lots of body text and paragraphs which are always good for SEO. Remember Google loves Content.

  1. Conclusion

A common mistake people make is repeating themselves a lot, this isn’t for your professor so don’t repeat what you wrote just use this section to wrap up. Like an introduction that leads in we need a way out. A seamless transaction that leads the reader informed, compelled to state their view and interested to learn more.

  1. Feedback request 

This one is very simple if you have done all the above correctly. All you have to do is ask your readers their opinion. “So what’s your view on [title of main point]”. Something as simple as that could get a discussion going. The goal here is to build a community of readers. Besure to ask them what they think about your services or article vs the others they have previously read. This will give you insights on how to improve. An internet marketing San Antonio company would probably ask about the difference in service between vuepoint creative, texas creative and giles parscale compared to Yiblr. Of course the answer would be Yiblr does everything better and someone would disagree and this starts a firey discussion which is great for web traffic.

  1. Comments & Related Articles

Related posts are a great way to keep your readers on your website. You want to keep providing them with engaging articles and wisdom that keeps them coming back for more. Showing related articles right above the comments or just to the side allow people to engage in the way they wish to either by commenting or reading more.

 Step #2 How Does On-Page SEO work

Sometimes it’s easier to explain with an example instead of just words. So let’s create an objective right now and work through it together. Say we want rank a website for the keywords “Website Design San Antonio”. We first must do a few things once we know what our target keyword is.  Here are the first few steps

  1. Figure out the Long tail or similar keywords

The first step is to do some research. We want to know what are the longer variations of our main keyword these are usually easier to rank and give us some credibility if we start targeting them. So what is the best way to figure our similar or long tail keywords? Google Keywords Planner, it is the perfect tool for keyword research as it gives us all the data we need. We can find trends, search volumes in certain locations, similar words, bid pricing and so much more

Go to Google AdWords Keywords Planner  , type in the keywords “website design san Antonio” and here are the results.Web Design San Anotnio

Now that we know which long tail keywords to target we need to start using them in our headlines.

  • The best San Antonio SEO services
  • Get Local SEO San Antonio services
  • Find a good local web design company

Now that these words are in the headlines be sure to have them in your paragraphs as well to optimize your post. But here is the key they cannot appear in a an unnatural way. So in other words the body sentences have to flow well. These small disruptions are not only picked up by your reads but google has become smarter as well.

  1. Keyword traffic

We chose three long tail keywords but the idea here is to choose those that have the best traffic or search volumes. As you can see from the screenshot above most have between 100-1,0000 searches a month. So we know that totaling 3 keywords we are focusing on traffic that’s at least 300 – 3000 searches. This of course is very little but it gives you an idea of how much traffic you can expect from each targeted keyword if you rank first.  Because most people click and choose from the first 3 results if you do not rank I the top three then these numbers do not apply. But they give us a way to monitor our progress and expectation if we did rank. This allows us to work hard towards high volume keywords.

  1. Competition

Because each keyword is different and has a different amount of search volume, you will also notice that different bid amounts are placed on it. You can also see that come keywords have higher competition than others. This is Google’s way of telling you that a very low number of websites are competing for a certain keyword or a very high amount. In turn this gives us the probability of us ranking for that certain keyword. We of course do want to go after high volume competitive keywords but we should also tackle the low volume low competition keywords as well. Following this approach, we build traffic to the website and have a better chance actually competing when it comes to much more competitive keywords.

  1. Keyword Usage

We want to avoid the most common mistakes writers make and this is keyword stuffing. This is a practice that involves writers placing one keywords after another making sentences illogical. Another way to do this is to over use the keywords in a short amount of text. Google robots figure this our and penalize you for this practice so it’s best to avoid this all together. The best is a 2-3% keywords ratio to text.

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